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Why people love us

Venetia Neethling

I suffer from depression, hashimoto's hypothyroidism, raynauds and fibromyalgia. My entire body is constantly in pain due to inflammation. Since using Tubby's products, I've been experiencing relief in all areas. Inflammation is subsiding, I feel happier and I've actually been experiencing quality sleep.

Kerri McNair

I am a naturally anxious person, and covid exacerbated the panic and worry even more, to the point where it was difficult to leave the house. A colleague introduced me to Tubby’s Kitchen CBD products. I was sceptical at first, as I had actually always associated marijuana with anxiety, but I cannot believe how much the Tubby’s range has helped reduce my stress levels. The fact that the product is so firmly associated with affirmations makes the effect of the products even stronger and more personal. I would recommend it to anyone battling with anxiety.

Hayley Atwell

I love cannabis, and I love cooking – now to fuse the two of them is just heaven in the kitchen. I cook with the full range of Tubby’s CBD spices and pastes, and generally start off my day with a cup of Tubby’s tea, while doing my morning affirmations. Tubby’s use the best quality products, and offer excellent customer service!

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Tubby’s Kitchen is 100% Black Female, Differently-Abled, Owned. Chat to us today about how we can positively impact your B-BBEE strategy and efforts.

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