About us

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Tubby's Kitchen

Tubby’s is run by Mum and Son Team Heidene and Dillan. Together, they started tasting South Africa’s classic and most loved Rooibos, Buchu and Honeybush Teas. Incorporating CBD led to a range of the most delicious flavours.

Pretty soon, they created a range of Teas, Chilli Pastes and Spices making an extensive array of choices available.

Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients in all our products, it has taken more than 2 years to bring every ounce of natural taste to perfect the required measures and calculation to all Tubby’s delightful recipes.

We pride ourselves on the fact that none of our products are infused with isolate or chemically produced CBD oil, but instead that it is the natural CBD cannabis plant–we keep it all natural and straight from the farm!

Our vision

is to infuse the dining experience for healthy living.

Our mission

is to stock kitchens with choice Cannabis flavours.

Our purpose

is to connect health, food and Cannabis.

The magic makers

Heidene Lawrence


Dillan Lawrence


Beulah Maitland