Our Products

Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients in all our products, it has taken more than 2 years to bring every ounce of natural taste to perfect the required measures and calculations to all Tubby’s delightful recipes. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that none of our products are infused with isolate or chemically produced CBD Oil, but instead that it is the natural CBD cannabis plant– we keep it all natural and straight from the farm!

Experience Box

Experience Box


Not sure if Tubby’s is for you? Then Take a bite out of Tubby’s lifestyle with our experience box! With a selection of our warm rich spices, relaxing teas, and fiery chili pastes, you’ll be able to see for yourself why the CBD lifestyle is the perfect fit for your home.

Experience the following: 

  • 20g – Hot Punch 
  • 20g – Fire Dance 
  • 20g – Meaty Spice Delight 
  • 20g – Italian Herb pizazz 
  • 50ml – Tubby’s Olive Oil 
  • 1 tea bag – Peach Blossom 
  • 1 tea bag – Little Healer
  • 1 Lemon Love Lip Balm – (Limited to The Experience Box)