Tubby’s Story

Tubby's Story

“This is what Cannabis provides people: an inner logic, a world within that cannot be experienced or translated to others. It is an alienating form of Joy.” – Charles Mudede

One morning 5 years ago – I was surprised to suddenly start experiencing 15-20 seizures a day. Loss of speech coincided with other symptoms. I was unable to read, write, walk, and talk. My career was taken but I knew that giving up was not an option.

Fast forward 2 and a half years later. After many failed attempts at treatment, my beautiful son and optimistic brother suggested I try Cannabis.

I could lift my head again. And I don’t just mean from the pillow, I am intimately talking about my soul.

Suddenly I could hear and feel music again, and laughter didn’t hurt. I have always been a joyful Epileptic and led a full and blessed life.

Circumstance practically forced us to pursue CBD Cannabis. Us, including my strong mother. The bad connotations around Cannabis, and social negatives, made it challenging to explain the differences between THC and CBD during the healing phase, whilst smelling up the house with cannabis. But my mother started believing when the seizures started decreasing. Sometimes, even the truth requires convincing.

Within about 14 months after taking CBD tea every day my seizures had reduced again. I finally had my mind, body & soul back. I found peace again and my life felt like my own. I could read, walk & talk again. The storm was over, but there was an aftermath. Because admittedly, all those seizures did take their toll in certain areas. However, with CBD cannabis I could kindle a new happy and joyously challenging life again.

At this point I asked my sister, Beulah to join me on this magnificent journey to reach as many people as possible with the gift of the CBD plant. She was with me through every step of my healing and is part of the foundation of who we are.

I finally understand the benefits of CBD and the opportunities of a new life that could exist for so many if they simply knew the power of this mystical plant.

CBD provided the opportunity to enjoy the physical and mental healing my life needed. And the result of that healing is a refreshed mind free of anxiety, intensely reduced seizures, and an in-tune spirit that can enjoy an inspired and balanced life.

The Cannabis plant has always been a mystical element for me, and now, for so many others as well.

…It’s all about lifestyle…

That is what we want to share with you.


- Heidene Lawrence